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But whatever you do, don't give up hope! There are powerful and effective solutions for this common problem!

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My self-help treatment program is a good way to address the symptoms and root causes of ejaculation problems in the privacy of your own home.

But will it work?

So now you might be asking how a self-help program can possibly get to grips with either the deep rooted insecurities and anxieties that might be at the heart of a slow (or non-existent) ejaculation, or even the insensitive penile response of a man who has masturbated with hard and fast stimulation.

In fact, self-help programs can solve both of these problems: in the first case, you can discover the techniques and skills necessary to communicate with your partner about the issues that might be in affecting your ejaculatory ability.

And, in addition, there are plenty of ways of reaching a higher level of arousal, which is almost always necessary for a man with difficulties reaching climax.

If you're "in your head", relying on fantasy or some paraphilia or sexual fixation (which simply means a particular stimulus needs to be present before you're aroused enough to climax, for example the use of particular fabrics or clothing during sexual activity), then the effectiveness of the exercises of my treatment program can make it much easier to achieve climax.

They are designed to enable you to obtain a much higher level of arousal in your body, and this can make it significantly easier to reach a sexual climax.

And of course one of the most important issues is how a man experiences sex, so you might like to consider the following points:

  • are you experiencing enormous pressure to "succeed" during sex -- whatever that may mean for you: probably something around satisfying your partner?
  • to what degree do you detach from your own involvement in the process, and act as what is known as a "spectator"? This level of detachment will not help you to become aroused, and may be some kind of defensive response against a sexually frightening or threatening situation.
  • to what extent do you wish to be sexually stimulated by your partner, in other words to what extent do you want a genuine sexual relationship with her?
  • do you experience guilt when using sexual fantasy?
  • are you aware of your own level of arousal and experience during sex?
  • do you believe that your partner wants to be engaged in intercourse with you or do you think she's just doing it to please you?
  • and do you feel any anxiety about the experience of ejaculation and the loss of control it entails?

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Powerful, simple, effective, and fast. With a 96% success rate.

Solutions Are Possible For Ejaculation Problems

But what? Get psychotherapy? See a psychologist? See a doctor? A relationship counselor? Or - a better idea - use a self help program like the one on this website!

For Self Help Treatment, Click Here

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What's In Our Delayed Ejaculation Treatment?

There are three main elements.

delayed ejaculation treatmentThe first is a set of powerful relaxation and "mind control" techniques which will allow you to reprogram your feelings and beliefs around sex.

You can, for example, reduce your anxiety and increase your sexual self-confidence to get a completely new perception of yourself as a sexual being about how you feel sexually.

I find that many of the men I meet who have delays in ejaculating are quite anxious about sex, so the treatment program includes a whole section of techniques aimed at reducing anxiety and increasing confidence.

The second element of the program is a series of techniques which you can use to easily increase the level of your sexual arousal.

This is important because a lot of men who have difficulty ejaculating during intercourse are not very aroused even though they usually have a long-lasting erection. (Find out why in the program.)

Since low sexual arousal seems to be a problem for many men with delayed ejaculation, techniques to increase arousal go a long way towards overcoming ejaculatory difficulties.

And because low sexual arousal can be the product of many things, ranging from low testosterone levels to a sense of being "disconnected" from your own sexuality and sexual desires, I discuss each of the causes of slow or late ejaculation and explain what you can do about them.

This is particularly true where you have some relationship issues that are underlying your difficulties in achieving orgasm.

One of the by-products of this program is that you'll probably end up with a much better relationship as well as enjoying sex to the full.

The third element is one of sexual technique.

Good sexual techniques helps self-confidence.

Over the years I've realized that a lot of men who cannot ejaculate "normally" during sex don't really have good sexual techniques.

delayed ejaculation treatmentSome of them need information about different aspects of sex with a woman. This can help enormously in increasing confidence, enjoying sex, and pleasuring your partner. So that's all in the treatment program too.

Together all of these things add up to a way of reaching orgasm and ejaculating within a few minutes of penetration!

(Quite a change from sex that lasts an hour, at the end of which both partners are frustrated, irritable and exhausted!)

There's actually a lot more than this in the delayed ejaculation program, but for now it's probably enough to simply say that a combination of

  • different techniques for making love - skills and knowledge
  • ways to make your mental and emotional attitude to sex much more positive
  • behavioral change techniques to ensure confidence during lovemaking
  • sex therapy techniques to ensure you enjoy yourself when you're with a partner
  • relaxation to increase confidence and lower anxiety
  • and intimacy exercises to bond more closely and comfortably with your partner

With great sex.... anything is possible.

All mean you should be able to enjoy sex with normal ejaculation in only a few weeks.

And the investment of time that you need to achieve this result is probably between one and two hours a week. And I'm available to support you by e-mail throughout the program.

It's always important to remember that a cure for delayed ejaculation is entirely possible, provided you're committed to finding the right solution for you.

It's often easier, or at least it seems that way, to go on struggling with sexual problems and not enjoying intercourse very much, just because you don't know where to start looking for a solution, or the effort involved in finding a solution seems so great.

Which is why my treatment program for delayed ejaculation really does have so many advantages for the men in this situation I've outlined just about every cause of this particular problem, and offered solutions for every one of them.

I will admit that one of the questions I'm often asked is whether or not a partner is necessary to make best use of the treatment program, and my answer is that yes, unfortunately, it certainly helps. I say unfortunately, because there are plenty of men out there with delayed ejaculation who are currently not in relationship want to achieve a solution.

Even so, what I know is that there is plenty of information in the program that can be helpful in explaining how this is developed, and how you might be able to get rid of it.

I've also known men who have worked with Tantric sex therapists, and sex surrogates, to achieve a successful outcome in many ways there are advantages to this approach, rather than working with your partner, because the absence of the emotional aspect of a partnered relationship allows a rapid and effective solution.

And there's no denying that very often, there is an emotional component to a man's inability to ejaculate during intercourse.

This is because such a sexual dysfunction can be a sign of anxiety, or resentment, or even anger about a man's partner and the emotional dynamic between them.

You will find plenty of information on this website which should help you understand how this can play out, or how it may be playing out in your life.

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Key Points

Delayed ejaculation can be solved at home in privacy, using a self-help treatment program.

You can deal with relationship issues, communication problems, low sex drive, low arousal, and long lasting sex.

Your objective is always about getting back to "normal" ejaculation speed.

Your investment of time in getting over delayed ejaculation will be about 30 minutes, 3 times a week.

You'll need a sexual partner for the final series of exercises, but the initial work you can do on your own.

A great video to watch

Enjoying better sex can be a great journey of discover, self-exploration, coming into deeper contact with your masculinity and your own male power.

Whatever happens, you will be more of a man.


Updated August 12, 2016

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