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Welcome. My name is Rod Phillips. I'm a sex therapist, and I've worked with hundreds of men with sexual problems of one kind or another over the last twelve years. That includes delayed ejaculation - which is also known as retarded ejaculation....

And because of this, right now I guess I understand the problems you are facing better than most people.

I know that the majority of men who can't ejaculate easily (or at all) want to find a cure that they can use in private, at home, not by visiting a doctor or a sexual therapist...... so here it is, an effective cure which you can use at home, available to you right now via the internet.

Let's begin at the beginning....

Delayed, or retarded, ejaculation means you can't reach orgasm easily during sex or masturbation.

This may happen with only one particular sexual partner or it may happen with every partner; it may happen occasionally or it may happen all the time; and it may happen when you masturbate, or when you have sex, or both.

You may wonder what the heck is going on. You may be resigned to the situation.

And you might be surprised to find that you're not alone - far from it, in fact.

Problems with male ejaculation are much more common than people imagine. At any time, more than one man in twelve will be experiencing delayed ejaculation!

This means that millions of men around the world have difficulty reaching orgasm or ejaculating during sex - for example, about 8 million men in the USA alone will have problems reaching orgasm during sex.

And very few of these men - less than one in a hundred - will seek help.

In a way, that's not surprising. Not being able to ejaculate during sex (or masturbation), or only being able to ejaculate occasionally, or with great difficulty, might seem like a strange problem to many people, especially when so many men have difficulty stopping their ejaculation from occurring too soon.

So let's think about sex for a minute, about all the things we men are supposed to achieve during sex.

We're expected to initiate and lead during lovemaking, we're supposed to know how to make sex good for both ourselves and our partners, we're expected to hold back on our own pleasure and delay our ejaculation until our partner is satisfied, and lots more besides.... but what a pain in the ass some of this can be!

With all those expectations, there's no surprise men develop ejaculation problems. If only you could just let go and please yourself without having to worry about a partner, it might even be possible to reach orgasm and ejaculate when you choose to!


Delayed Ejaculation Is A Common Sexual Problem Among Men


Until recently, delayed ejaculation hasn't been very well known and it's certainly not received much attention, despite the trouble it can cause. Amazing, isn't it? In fact, delayed ejaculation is the third most common sexual problem for men after premature ejaculation and erection problems.

If you're a man with delayed ejaculation, and you can't easily reach orgasm easily, or you can't ejaculate at all, you've probably wondered if there's something wrong with you.

As we'll see, there most definitely is not.  But even if you accept things the way they are, you might feel  depressed, or angry, or anxious, or some other negative feeling about what's going on for you right now.

And while you probably know that delayed ejaculation can adversely affect your relationship and hit your self-esteem, you probably don't know what to do about it. You may not even know that a cure is available. But there is, and it's on this website - we'll get to it in a moment!

What's more, if your partner has started to express her feelings about your delay in reaching orgasm, you're probably feeling under even more pressure - especially if she's accusing you of not being attracted to her.

Whatever she's saying, your partner's probably talking from an emotional place: one of disappointment, frustration, or even anger. And that means she's missing the fact that men with ejaculation problems are among the most conscientious of lovers and generally really care about the fact that they cannot reach orgasm during sex with their partner..... and usually not for the want of trying, either.... as you most likely know only too well!

And although it causes lots of challenges for men in so many ways, it's hardly mentioned by anyone. I mean, when was the last time you discussed this with a buddy?

I think the most important thing I can say at this point is that delayed ejaculation, whether during sex, or during masturbation, or both, and no matter what form it takes, is normal.

Yes, normal. It certainly isn't some mysterious disease, something to be ashamed about, some dreadful condition that means you'll never have normal sex.

In fact, you can cure delayed ejaculation at home in privacy, with your partner or even without a partner, so you can easily reach orgasm and enjoy a normal ejaculation during sex, just as you were designed to.

I'm 100% certain of that.

How can I be so sure, you may ask? Simply this: in the last twelve years, I've helped hundreds of men, both in person and over the internet, to overcome the problem and discover the full enjoyment of sex complete with a normal orgasm and normal ejaculation.

By the way, 'normal' means you get to choose when to ejaculate during your lovemaking.

And here's the best thing: based on feedback from men who buy my treatment program, it has an amazing 96% success rate.

So, yes - you can discover how to ejaculate at will during sex..... and no matter how unlikely you think this is right now, you'll soon discover how easily you can develop this level of sexual mastery - quickly and easily.

Just think how amazing it will be to have this level of control.... imagine the cries of delight from your partner as you both enjoy really satisfying orgasms during your lovemaking.....yes, that's the sound of sex as it should be!

Read on for more information....


But What On Earth Causes These Problems?


Let's back up a bit here before we go any further.

Delayed ejaculation happens for many reasons, but did you know that just about every case can be treated quickly and easily - provided you approach it in the right way?

I explain all the ways delayed ejaculation can develop, and - more importantly - all the ways it can be treated, in the members' area of this site. But briefly.....

First, not ejaculating during sex can be something you learned earlier in life.

Not that you ever had any actual lessons in this... it's just one way for your body and mind to protect themselves after a bad experience.

So, if something went wrong during sex sometime, the experience may have left its mark as your difficulty with ejaculation. Perhaps you lost your erection, your partner shamed you in some way, you just felt hopelessly inadequate.... whatever.... but next time you had sex, maybe you found it didn't work.

Maybe there was no erection. No desire. No 'connection' with sex. No ejaculation. Who knows?

And of course, when that lack of desire/erection/ejaculation has happened once, it can happen again and again and again, and before you know it - there's not an ejaculation in sight!

But fortunately, when delayed ejaculation develops after this kind of experience, it's easy to cure.

Sometimes things from further back, in childhood, can cause sexual problems later in life. A boy's relationship with his mother is right at the top of that list! if she's not accepting of his developing sexuality, or worse, things can go wrong.

Happily, with the right approach you can flush these things out of your system for ever.

Next, delayed ejaculation can have a lot to do with the way a boy learns to masturbate.

Some boys masturbate quickly and secretively, usually because they either feel guilty, or because they can't get much privacy, or they're concerned about someone watching or even interrupting them during their self-pleasuring.

Of course, masturbation is simply that: self-pleasuring. Just as sex should least some of the time. Some of the time it's about pleasing another person.

In situations like this, masturbation can become quick and secretive, so much so that oftentimes a teenager won't even touch his penis. Instead, he'll masturbate by thrusting his penis against the mattress.

Problem is, this kind of harsh masturbation technique desensitizes the penile nerves. So, as a man, he needs to use much more force and pressure to get himself to the point of ejaculation than if he'd masturbated more gently when he was a boy. And the harder sensations are what his penis adapts to.

During sex, the sensations of intercourse aren't anywhere near forceful enough to produce the stimulation the man needs to get to 'the point of no return' - that's the level of sexual arousal where ejaculation is inevitable.

Think of it as the point where you know you're going to come, and nothing will stop it happening. As a man with delayed ejaculation, you may not be too familiar with this.... but, with the right tips, tricks and techniques, you will be.

To summarize: if you need very hard or prolonged stimulation before you can ejaculate, normal sexual intercourse won't do it for you. Fortunately, the powerful 'body-retraining' techniques described in the members' area of this site quickly reduce the level of stimulation you need to reach the point of ejaculation.

Next - the problem of low sexual arousal.

Most men with delayed ejaculation get an erection very quickly - and it's often a long-lasting, hard erection. Yet although they appear to be aroused and sexually excited, appearances can be deceptive.

Believe it or not, this erection, no matter how long-lasting, does not necessarily mean that a man's aroused enough to enjoy intercourse or to arrive at the point of ejaculation.

I know that may seem hard to believe. After all, having an erection surely means a man is ready, willing and able to have sex?

Oddly, no, it doesn't..... because even though you can have an erection hard enough for sex, you may not be sufficiently aroused in mind and body to reach the point of ejaculation.

In short, if you're experiencing delayed ejaculation, the chances are that you need some simple techniques to increase your level of sexual arousal so that you find sex more exciting.

That way, you can gradually develop more and more arousal as sex goes on, and at a certain point you'll be aroused enough to ejaculate easily - and very enjoyably!

Don't worry if this is a bit hard to understand right now - it's all explained in detail in the members' area. And of course, and perhaps more importantly, the solutions to these problems are explained simply and clearly, step by step.

For example, if you're not aroused enough, how do you become more aroused during sex?

Well, there are lots of techniques and tricks you can use to develop high sexual arousal, techniques which will will enhance your sexual pleasure as well as allowing you to ejaculate normally.

All will become clear as you read the website!


Relationship Issues Have A Role To Play


How does your sexual relationship interact with your ejaculatory problems?

For good or bad, relationship issues can be a major factor in delayed ejaculation.

As proof of this, look no further than the fact that a man with delayed ejaculation can often come quicker and easier with a woman who's not his partner, someone outside his main relationship.

(I'm not suggesting you have an affair to check this out! For one thing, you may already know you can ejaculate more easily with other women. Or not. But again, in either case, you can cure delayed ejaculation without too much trouble.)

So is a low level of sexual arousal the result of a lack of attraction to a partner? Or is it the other way around? How would you know? Difficult, isn't it? Certainly, a lack of sexual attraction can be the result of a poor sexual relationship.

That's why all these emotional and relationship issues are discussed in my treatment program.

And yes, I show you lots of tools and techniques to explore them in safe and unthreatening way with your partner. And thank goodness for that, because, as we all know, doing it on your own can be difficult. By the way, that's why I offer continuing email support free of charge to men who buy my delayed ejaculation treatment program.

Simple truth is, there are many ways you can make your relationship more rewarding and closer: it's all about becoming more intimate, communicating more, and understanding each other better.

As you work on delayed ejaculation, you may uncover some unpleasant truths. (Like: how do you really feel about your partner?)

Maybe the status quo will be overturned. But is that such a bad thing? Keeping your relationship real is better for everyone, both short and long term.

Naturally, you also need to look at your sexual desires and drives, and explore the ways you can improve the quality of sex...... what can you do, for example, to feel more connected and intimate with your partner?

Or maybe you want to try some new sexual techniques...... explore some sexual ideas that just don't feature in your sexual repertoire at the moment? If so, I supply the answers - or at least offer some helpful suggestions about how you can do this.

As you apply the techniques in the members' area, you'll start to get sexually aroused quicker and more easily....and you'll feel much more sexual excitement, much sooner....which means you'll be well on the way to ejaculating easily.

But what if none of this information seems to fit for you?

There isn't enough space here to describe all the causes and effects of delayed ejaculation (for example, some prescription medications can cause a long delay in ejaculating), but I go into much greater detail inside the members' area.

It all comes down to his: I haven't yet come across a case of delayed ejaculation that I couldn't explain or help one way or another!

And I'm so sure of this that if you happen to disagree, you can have your subscription refunded without question. That means buying my delayed ejaculation treatment program is risk-free for you.

And in case you're wondering if there's an easier way.....

Let me tell you about some other things you might see touted as cures. Things that don't work.

  • Hypnosis: you won't overcome delayed ejaculation or get the ability to ejaculate normally by means of hypnosis (although it can help you reduce anxiety during sex).
  • Herbs: herbal potions do not work either - Yohimbine, for example, just increases your anxiety and ups your heart rate, as well as making you nauseous, sweaty and giving you a headache.
  • More effort: you won't cure ejaculatory problems by using more force during sex with harder or faster thrusts - more effort won't help!
  • Changing relationships: getting another partner might or might not be a partial answer - but why not develop the skill and ability to make love to all your partners, present and future?
  • Pleasuring your partner: you don't have to focus on giving pleasure to your partner at the expense of your own can both get maximum sexual pleasure.
  • Therapy alone: this can help to reduce feelings of anger or anxiety, resentment or guilt. But you also need all the techniques revealed on this website - which includes information on how to deal with the emotional and relationship issues around delayed ejaculation!


Look At What The Treatment Program Offers!

  • Discover the causes of delayed ejaculation, all explained in detail, and find out exactly how you can stop it once and for all.
  • Become fully orgasmic and ejaculate easily when you make love - in only a few weeks!
  • Stop delayed ejaculation and lose anxiety, failure, shame, guilt, anger and embarrassment about sex.
  • Get invaluable techniques to completely eliminate negative emotions towards your partner.
  • Restore your relationship to full emotional health!
  • Sexually fulfill your partner every time with your new-found ejaculatory control.
  • Enjoy sex more - focus on your partner's needs or your own as you choose, and stop worrying about delayed ejaculation.
  • Find out how to satisfy your partner's emotional and sexual needs so your relationship will be a lot more rewarding & harmonious for both of you!
  • Benefit from an effective, fast-acting treatment program designed specifically for men who have difficulty achieving orgasm and ejaculating during sex or masturbation.
  • Enjoy lots of practical, problem-solving tips, tricks and treatment solutions designed by experienced sexual therapists.
  • Get hundreds of sexual tips and tricks - become a sexual master!
  • Discover the real pleasures of sex, orgasm and ejaculation - these pleasures are every man's birthright!


Easy, Controlled "Release" During Intercourse
 Is Yours For The Taking!


If you want normal sex, this treatment program is the best - maybe the only - way to get it.

It's designed for sexual success...... so, in only a few weeks, you'll be fully orgasmic and able to ejaculate whenever you like during sex - even if you can't ejaculate at all right now. (And it also works for men who can't ejaculate during masturbation.)

You'll be able to enjoy sex which lasts as long as you wish, without stress or strain, without worrying about being able to ejaculate. That's what this program is all about: choice.

You can choose to enjoy sex that lasts for 5 minutes, 10, 20, or whatever.... you will develop complete control over your ejaculation, you will be able to fully satisfy your partner, and you will enjoy sex like never before!

This program will make you a sexually skilled man, a lover who'll be adored and admired by women..... and give you a sexually fulfilled, rewarding and successful relationship!

And this is all achieved by retraining your body to become more sexually aroused more quickly, and showing you how to let go of inhibitions and blocks to orgasm and ejaculation.

The program also explains how to be sure your partner enjoys sex as well.

In short, the whole program is geared to one objective only - to overcome delayed ejaculation so you and your partner get great sex.

With the treatment program on this website you'll soon have control over your ejaculatory responses and your sexual arousal.

You'll soon find that the time before you ejaculate is reducing; you'll quickly discover how pleasurable vaginal thrusting can be, and you'll feel confident about  ejaculating inside your partner!

So, whenever you're ready to 'release' during sex, you can increase the speed and force of your penile thrusts, and so bring yourself to an exciting and very satisfying orgasm with normal, powerful ejaculation.


Imagine What Sex Will Be Like Without Ejaculation Problems


Sex shouldn't cause you to struggle to reach orgasm and ejaculate. This program will help you develop sexual mastery..... so what would 'sexual mastery' look like for you?

You might start by enjoying foreplay and becoming aroused. You might like to give your partner an orgasm with either your hands or with oral sex. You can then enjoy relaxed and hugely pleasurable vaginal thrusting until you or your partner reaches orgasm

In both cases, the sheer intensity of your own orgasm will be totally different to the way it was in the past.

And the afterglow will extend way beyond sex, reaching the farthest corners of your relationship.... sex with easy orgasms and powerful ejaculations which you control is an amazing experience. You can relax into the whole sexual experience and enjoy it just because you have complete power and control over your ejaculatory responses.

Just imagine never having to worry about not being able to ejaculate any more!


This Effective Cure For Delayed Ejaculation
Will Allow You To Ejaculate Easily During Sex


I know you can do this because over the last twelve years, hundreds of men have beaten delayed ejaculation by using this program. And it's easy. That's the greatest thing of all. It's easy.

Sure, it needs some commitment of time - about forty minutes, three or four times a week, for about six weeks. But is that too much to ask for normal sex?

You can stop delayed ejaculation any time. And you can do it with this program. By the way, the proof of this program's effectiveness is the 96% success rate achieved by men over the past twelve years.

What You Get For Your Membership

  • A powerful treatment and cure for delayed ejaculation, explained in detail, using straightforward language and simple, clear instructions.
  • Access to the site for one whole year, including any and all updates we may add in the future.
  • Detailed explanation of every step of the treatment, with everything you need to know to get complete control and choice over when you ejaculate during sex.
  • Continuous support and advice by email. If you ever need something explained or clarified, simply email me, Rod Phillips, on this address: rod'at' (You'll need to replace 'at' with @ to use the email address. That stops spammers and ensures I see all your emails! )
  • A money-back guarantee. Because I realize you may be a bit doubtful about whether this will work, I'd like to offer you a money-back guarantee: if you try this program and find it isn't for you, after three months, contact me and you can have a 100% no-quibble refund via Paypal.
  • My promise: trying this program is a 'no-risk' option for you!

I Am Always Available To Answer Your Questions By Email

If you have any questions or issues you need support with, just contact me, Rod Phillips, by email, as many times as you need! (Email me on rod'at' - but replace 'at' with @ to use the email address).

This amazing treatment program for delayed ejaculation
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This modest investment gives you a full year's unlimited access to this website, including all the updates in the future. For your peace of mind, there are no other charges whatsoever - your credit card is never billed again.

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Remember - you get a money-back guarantee, making this program completely risk free for you!

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